Press Release
August 03, 2016

Calendar for the maximum comfort in writing

2017 "MD Calendar" to go on sale

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Designphil Inc., a design company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, and led by president (CEO) Ichiro Aida, is pursuing its corporate mission to create designs that facilitate communication, put more joy into people's lives, and suggest new lifestyles.
On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, our product brand, MIDORI, will release a desktop "MD Calendar" for 2017 as another item in the "MD PAPER PRODUCTS," a hot-selling series of simple made-in-Japan products that make the most of quality paper for the maximum comfort in writing. The suggested retail price of this new product is JPY700 plus tax.

"MD PAPER PRODUCTS" are a product series featuring "MD (Midori Diary) paper," an original quality writing paper we developed in the 1960s and have been improving ever since, for the maximum comfort in writing. In 2008, seeking to provide the ultimate in writing comfort, we released the "MD Notebook," which features attractive cream-colored writing paper that does not easily blot, even when using a fountain pen, and opens up flat thanks to its special binding. With a pure and simple appearance that makes the most of its materials, this product is appreciated by countless users who insist on the best comfort in writing.
The series also includes the "MD Notebook Diary," whose pages are set to a monthly scheduling format with large margins and offer greater degrees of freedom to the user. The pristine appearance highlights the quality of the materials and ensures that this product is loved by many who require the ultimate in writing comfort.

The "MD Calendar" was added to the series lineup from last year, and based on the format of the "MD Notebook Diary" it is a work of minimalist design with just 12 calendar pages and unruled memo pages. Just like the Diary, the wide margins around each monthly calendar block make it easy to freely write down ideas and memos that come to you, as you want.
The Calendar also contains four unruled memo pages, where you can write down things you want to record ? be it short memos, illustrations, ideas, or whatever.
The Calendar stands on its own with a very simple trick of a single string. You can make it stand up or fold it down quite easily. While many desktop calendars come with a section to keep the calendar standing, which disturbs writing on the calendar, this product easily spreads flat, just like a notebook, for easy writing.

With a layout optimized for users who want to write things down just as they want, the Calendar stimulates each user's creativity.
Recreating the "MD Notebook Diary" in Calendar form!

Stands up on a simple single string

Fold it down flat for easy writing

Product Name 2017 "MD Calendar"
Specification Inside paper: MD paper
Bound with double rings (silver color)
Details Pages: 12 calendar pages (for January through December 2017), and 4 unruled memo pages
Size When folded down: H170xW220xD11mm
When standing: H165xW220xD90mm
Suggested Retail Price JPY700 plus tax
Release Date (*) From Wednesday, August 10, 2016, onwards
(*) The release date may differ depending on the store.