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DESIGNPHIL STYLE Manufacturing Techniques

When it comes to manufacturing, we believe that both the old and the new have value. Our factory is equipped with a wide range of machinery for high-speed, high-volume printing and processing, complemented by traditional binding and other techniques that have been passed down through countless generations.


This printing technique that has been around for around 500 years, and is still an important part of the printing industry.

The relief effect created by the pressure of the plate creates an intricate texture and a beautiful shadowing effect that have a unique warmth. Our craftspeople give this process their full attention because the conditions of the ink, such as concentration and blurring, change from second to second.

Hot Stamping

Each material requires completely different settings to achieve beautiful stamping. Our craftspeople are experts at getting the best from every material we work with.

This is a process where one wrong move can cause the foil to be misaligned with the printed design or create wrinkles, so our craftspeople take the utmost care. Foil needs to be applied differently depending on the paper, so we conduct test after test to see what will look best.

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