Designphil Inc.

Social Media Guidelines

Designphil Inc. shall act in accordance with the following in its use of social media.

●Behavior and conduct of employees
・We recognize that social media is accessed by an unspecified number of users.
・We are careful to send and handle information in a way that does not mislead customers.
・We recognize that personal statements can be interpreted as the official view of the company.
・We comply with our Privacy Policy when handling personal information.
・We get feedback from customers via social media that is used to improve our services and products.
・We comply with relevant laws and regulations (copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights) and shall not engage in any acts libel or slander.

●Provision of information and requests provided to customers and social media users
・Information is the content at the time of sending, and may later be altered as needed.
・Information posted by our employees on our social media is not necessarily an official announcement, nor does it necessarily represent our official opinion. Please check our website, official press releases, etc., for official announcements and opinions.
・How interaction is conducted varies depending on the type of social media account (ability to respond, methods, etc.).
・Social media accounts may be terminated or suspended at our discretion without prior notice.