Designphil Inc.

Environmental and
Social Contribution

Social and cultural contribution through design

Earning your trust through design for a prosperous society.

Designphil conducts our operations based on our corporate philosophy of social and cultural contribution through design. In order to evolve further as a company that is trusted by every stakeholder in the ever more global world we live in, we resolutely fulfill our obligation to better society through our CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities.

Our CSR activities are centered on conservation of the global environment and fostering a prosperous society and culture. Particularly in our environmental endeavors, we actively focus our design capabilities on the creation of products that help people live ecologically in their everyday lives without concerted effort on their part.

Every Designphil employee engages earnestly in our CSR activities, continuing to provide new value while actively contributing to a more prosperous society.

Our environmental
philosophy and policy

Environmental Philosophy

At Designphil, we recognize the importance of global environmental conservation within corporate operations. We utilize our design capabilities to achieve a prosperous society and conduct ourselves in harmony with the environment.

Environmental Policy

  • 1. We harness our design capabilities to develop products that will be held on to and used for a long time to come.
  • 2. We strive to reduce the use and emission of hazardous chemicals within the manufacturing process.
  • 3. We act in accordance with environmental laws and regulations and instruct and educate factories in our employ to follow suit.
  • 4. As part of our environmental strategy, we promote recycling and other resource and energy conservation in our daily practices.

Environmental Activities

Utilizing green power for our 2019 Business Diary

Designphil acquired a Green Power Certificate for the 35,000kWh needed to print the 2019 Business Diary released by our MIDORI brand. This purchase reduced CO2 emissions by 11 tons. Printing power was generated by the Hyogo Pulp Industries Tanigawa Plant.

ENERGY GREEN (Green Power Certificate)

Social Contribution

Designphil harnesses our design capabilities for social and cultural development while doing our part as a member of society to contribute to social and cultural prosperity. We further encourage each of our employees to be active in this regard.

Central Community Chest (Red Feather), Japanese Red Cross Society

We regularly donate to give a portion of our profits back to our customers.

Barrier less heart Gallery

These endeavors work toward lessening the isolation of people with mental impairments through art presentations. This is something we understand deeply as a company whose philosophy is social and cultural contribution through design, so we contribute through regular donations and helping with events.