Designphil Inc.

Award Winners

Design and paper are the keywords that interconnect all the product designs of Designphil.

These are global concepts that include the following: manufacturing original paper; providing products such as letters and notebooks for assisting paper-based communication; and developing the right products for the situation where used.
This concept also inspires each product designed to be used with our paper, from scissors to writing instruments.
Introduced below are some of the designs for which Designphil has received awards both in Japan and overseas as a result of our design activities based on this concept.


  • MIDORI Craft Tape Cutter

    • 2023 JIDA Design Museum Selection vol.25 2023 Awards for "STATIONERY OF THE YEAR 2023" (Functionality Division)

    This compact craft tape cutter achieves a neat cut with minimal force. The sharp blade is specially constructed to cut straight through the tape with only a small amount of force. The replaceable inner blade can be reversed when the front edge becomes dull. The body is designed to clip onto gum tape for easy attachment and removal, and the blade is not exposed to ensure safety. The replaceable inner blade can be reversed when the front edge becomes dull. Includes a strap loop so that this product can be hung from a cord or chain.

  • MIDORI Aluminum Carton Opener

    • 2022 Good Design Award
    MIDORI Aluminum Carton Opener

    A new version of our carton opener that is ideal for everything from opening cartons or envelopes to cutting out snippets from a magazine or newspaper. The cover is made from high durable, functional aluminum and the ceramic blade is symmetrical, allowing it to be taken out and reversed until all four corners have been used. The cover is round when closed for easy portability, and opens out 180 degrees so that it fits in the hand and is easy to grip during use. The blade is replaceable, and the body has a magnet, making it easy to keep this product on hand.

  • MIDORI Slow Reel Steel Tape Measure

    • 2023 iF Design Award
    • 2022 Good Design Award KIDS DESIGN AWARD

    What sets Slow Reel Steel Tape Measure apart from other tape measures is the new structure that retracts tape slowly, making it safe for all ages. The indented surface of the enclosure rotates together with the tape-when the tape is at the length you want, simply press with your finger to secure it. The enclosure has a magnet on the back, providing a convenient way to keep this product on hand. The colors alternate between black and white every 10cm so that the length can be seen at a glance, and the measurement numbers are written vertically on the back to make it easy to measure heights.

  • MIDORI Correction Tape

    • 2022 Good Design Award
    MIDORI Correction Tape

    Correction tape has a higher ratio of plastic waste than almost any other form of stationery. This product offers a sustainable solution. Parts such as the tape, enclosure and internal structure are made from paper and a biomass material (51% paper, 49% polypropylene) that can be disposed of with household combustible trash. Available in white and cream to match the most common paper colors. The square design of the enclosure evokes an image of the thickness and smoothness of a pristine piece of paper.

  • MIDORI XS Compact Punch

    • 2021 Good Design Award

    This hole punch folds to a compact size—among the extra small class—for easy carrying. Open it sideways and it stands automatically. Can punch 5 sheets of copy paper at a time. Arrow mark makes it easy to center the punch on the paper.
    Palm-sized when closed—won't take up too much space in your pen case, pouch or desk. Easy to carry, making it ideal for organizing papers when out of the office or at school.

  • MIDORI Quick Tape Cutter

    • 2021 Good Design Award

    Dispense uniform strips of tape and cut them neatly and easily with this cutter specially designed for masking tape. Ordinarily, it's difficult to find the end of masking tape and when you try to tear it by hand, the ends are ragged, making it difficult to cut uniform strips. This product was developed to solve these issues. Choose between uniform strip lengths or free cutting. Handy magnet for easy storage. Ideal for sticking important papers to the wall, labeling items in the kitchen or office, sealing envelopes, scrapbooking, wrapping gifts and DIY.

  • MIDORI Nonslip Aluminum Ruler

    • 2020 DIA(Design Intelligence Award) Honorable Mention
    • 2019 Good Design Award 2019 BEST100
    This ruler, with its nonslip features, is ideal for precision cutting work. When the center is held down the nonslip feature on the back firmly anchors the ruler in place, and when the ends are held the nonslip feature can slide and move to a new position. The laser engraved "Grand Point" scale makes it easy to measure height and length, and a built-in magnet on the back is excellent for storage.
  • MIDORI Carton Opener

    • 2020 Good Design Award
    • 2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards Merit Award

    The versatile Carton Opener can be used for a variety of purposes, from unpacking cardboard boxes to opening envelopes or cutting single pages from magazines and newspapers. The objective of this latest design was to build on the product released in 2018 and create something that was even easier to use and more environmentally friendly. The compact folding design creates an easy-to-hold shape during use while also being extremely portable and easy to store when closed. Replaceable ceramic blades provide excellent durability and the built-in magnet enables convenient storage. In addition to functionality as a versatile cutter, lasting durability and a sense of substantiality  were also important considerations in the design. ABS resin combined with glass fibers has been used for the main body to provide the feel of a heavy-duty tool.

  • MIDORI Multi Ruler

    • 2020 Good Design Award

    This compact foldable ruler can also be used to measure angles and comes in three sizes. The 16cm and 30cm versions fit easily inside a pencil case and are made from impact-resistant, highly-transparent polycarbonate, while the 50cm version is ideal for large paper sizes such as A3. The simple, slim-lined design emphasizes portability, eliminates waste wherever possible and features large, easy-to-read scale notation. The holes at 10cm intervals are perfect for making markings and drawing circles, while the zero point at the edge of the ruler enables convenient measurement of heights and depths. The 50cm version has increased thickness for improved strength. The design was adapted to account for this, with highly-transparent acrylic resin used instead of polycarbonate.

  • MIDORI Quick Open Memo Patto

    • 2020 Good Design Award JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.21
    • 2019 Awards for "STATIONERY OF THE YEAR 2019" (Functionality Division)
    This newly developed ring memo enables you to easily access the most recent page. Because its left side is glued like a paper pad, you can leaf through the pages you already used, while you can also open a new page instantly.
  • PLOTTER Globe

    • 2020 Awards for "STATIONERY OF THE YEAR 2020" (Design Division)

    Made from durable textured paper, users can record past and future travels onto this compact white map. The weight inside the globe creates a self-righting effect, meaning that it can be used as an interior decoration for desks or other surfaces without the need for a pedestal. With intricate outlines of islands, shorelines and lakes taken from satellite imagery, the design brings an image familiar to people around the world to life and encapsulates the spirit of PLOTTER, inspiring imagination through simplicity.

  • PLOTTER Ballpoint Pen / Mechanical Pencil

    • 2020 Red Dot Award Product Design iF Design Award
    • 2019 Good Design Award
    A ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil combining Japan's advanced technology and sophisticated design for a true writing tool, allowing creative ideas to flow forth when held in hand. A rotary feed mechanism protects the beautiful movement, preventing accidental discharge, and the entire brass body is knurled, making it nonslip and providing a strong sense of grip no matter your writing style.
  • MIDORI Pulp Pen Case / Pulp Card Box / Pulp Post Card & Tool Box

    • 2020 JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.21

    This product is made 100% with reused paper such as newspaper and cardboard processed in a method called pulp mold* under the concept of “interior storage products linking paper and lifestyles to create new possibilities of paper.” Despite the material being lightweight paper, the ribbed design makes the product sturdy and portable. The lid can be closed tightly with an elastic band. The boxes can be layered on top of each other, making it suitable as an interior storage box for small items.

    *A molded paper product created by dissolving used paper in water and then drying it after lifting it out using a metal mesh.

  • MIDORI XS Tape Dispenser

    • 2019 Good Design Award
    A compact tape dispenser with a built-in 5m long roll of 12mm wide cellophane tape. Easy to carry for daily use, it is ideal for small sealing and taping work while out and about. There is a dedicated space to lift up the tape with a finger, despite the small size, and in pursuing ease of use it has a specially processed cutting edge providing a straight cut with only light application of force.
  • PLOTTER 6 Ring Leather Binder

    • 2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards Merit Award
    The 6 Ring Leather Binder was launched as a core product for the company’s new PLOTTER brand, which aims to create a variety of tools for people who love creative activities. The binder is cleverly constructed with a unique backplate and rings that encase a single piece of leather, creating a product that is at once light, thin, and easy to open. The product has become popular for its ability to be used like a notebook, or in combination with the brand’s Refill Memopad, which uses a revolutionary form of natural glue for its binding, allowing single pages to be torn out. This has allowed it to reach an entirely new audience beyond typical users of system-style memo pads.
  • MIDORI Pen Cutter

    • 2018 Good Design Award
    A cylindrical cutter that can be gripped like a pen for ease of use. Its shape makes it easy to hold and use for long periods of time without discomfort. It has an industry-leading diameter of just 10mm making it both highly portable and easy to store in a bag or pencil case. For additional safety, this cutter also has an auto-locking function whereby the blade can only be extended when a button is held. The rear of the product features a clip as well as a tool to remove used portions of the blade. The refill blades have a sharp angle (45°), making it easy to see what is being cut and allowing for high accuracy (typical blades have an angle of 60°).
  • MIDORI Mini Scissors

    • 2018 Good Design Award
    These scissors are small and portable, but highly functional. Their handles have finger loops making them easy to use and ideal for detailed work. The easy-to-grip loops are made of a non-slip elastomer. This elastomer is specially molded for maximum softness and consists of multiple layers, making the product comfortable and easy to hold, whatever your hand size. Although small, these scissors have a blade length of 40mm and thickness of 1.6mm, ensuring their durability. The blades were designed with a focus on their cutting ability and feature beveled edges. The back of the blades are fluted to help prevent glue and sticky substances from sticking to them. They also come with a cap that allows for safe storage and has an aeration hole to ensure the scissors dry out if they get wet.

    • 2017 Awards for "STATIONERY OF THE YEAR 2017" (Design Division)
    Not just a mere paper clip, "BLOCK CLIP" let your imagination take center stage. Their toy building block design allows you to create a variety of shapes, and they fit right in your pen case so you can easily take them anywhere. Why not build your very own world of "BLOCK CLIP" friends right at your desk?
  • MIDORI Portable Multi Scissors

    • 2017 Good Design Award
    These multi-function portable scissors provide high cutting performance. Tough 3mm thickness blades provide excellent durability. The curved blade enables cutting with easy force from the base to the tip. The blades have grooves to prevent glue from sticking, ridges on the underside can be used as a box-cutter, and a wire cutter. The handlefs eye ring is curved to perfectly suit your fingers, making for an easy-grip, non-slip design. The outside of the handle is flat which enables to add extra force with your other hand. The grip has a small hook hole for easy transport and storage.
  • MIDORI Stainless Multi Ruler <31cm>

    • 2017 Good Design Award
    This collapsible ruler made of tough stainless steel has outstanding functionality and durability. It is 31cm long when fully extended for use, but can be folded to make it more compact for storage. The durable stainless steel is perfect for use with a craft knife. The scale is marked at 0.5mm units with semi-permanent laser engraving for excellent precision. This “Grand Point” scale enables simple measurement of height and depth. It is equipped with other additional features such as the rotating axis for angle measurement.
  • knoxbrain LUFT

    • 2016 STATIONERY OF THE YEAR 2016 Functionality GRAND PRIX
    • 2015 Good Design Award
    This day planner is based on an entirely new concept that pursues the ultimate in simplicity through the combination of its three parts, which include the single piece of leather used as the cover, the original back plate, and the rings. 'Luft' means 'sky' or 'air' in German. This day planner weighs only 85 to 95g despite being made with real leather. At a thickness of only 15mm, you can place it in your pocket much like a breast pocket wallet, making it easy to carry with you. The ability to open the planner completely flat also allows for stress free writing. Praised for "redefining the concept of a day planner".
  • MIDORI Thickness Ruler

    • 2016 Good Design Award
    The Thickness Ruler is a 15 cm ruler for daily use with an added function to measure the thickness of various objects. With its sliding scale, the ruler is capable of easily measuring the thickness of different objects ranging from a thin sheet of paper just 0.1mm thick to an object 120mm in size, all of which are difficult to accurately measure using an ordinary ruler. Because it is made of acrylic, the ruler can measure delicate objects, such as the parts used for hand-made accessories and the stems and leaves of plants to keep track of their growth, without damaging them. It can also measure heights and depths easily using the scale markings that start from the edge of the ruler. As it is slim, it fits nicely in a pen case and is convenient to carry around.
  • MIDORI Pasco Pen Case/ Document Case

    • 2015 Good Design Award
    Pasco, a special type of paper made from recycled paper and fresh pulp, was selected to create these paper cases with an uncompromising design that achieves both light weight and firm strength. Featuring toughness and ample storage capacity despite their compactness, the lineup includes a pen case and document case, both of which can be opened and closed easily with the hook fastener. They are also both coated with a water-resistant finish so that you can confidently take them with you wherever you go. What's more, the unique color tones will deepen the more you use them.
  • MIDORI Pulp Pen Case / Pulp Card Box

    • 2015 Good Design Award

    This product is made 100% with reused paper such as newspaper and cardboard processed in a method called pulp mold* under the concept of “interior storage products linking paper and lifestyles to create new possibilities of paper.” Despite the material being lightweight paper, the ribbed design makes the product sturdy and portable. The lid can be closed tightly with an elastic band. The boxes can be layered on top of each other, making it suitable as an interior storage box for small items

    *A molded paper product created by dissolving used paper in water and then drying it after lifting it out using a metal mesh.


    • 2014 Good Design Award
    The reversible blade ensures ease of use whether you are left or right handed. Despite being ultra-compact, part of the blade edge can be removed with a blade snapper to maintain sharpness up to three times. For added portability, it also comes with a clip to keep it secure in the pocket of your bag or shirt.

    • 2014 Good Design Award
    This 3.8 cm square tape measure is the perfect portable size. The tape itself is made of glass fiber that won’t stretch or curl with alternating black and white demarcations every 10 cm that are horizontally aligned on one side and vertically aligned on the other for usability no matter what you are measuring. The housing features a strap hole for even more convenient portability.

    • 2014 Good Design Award
    The smallest in our long-time best-selling line, this stapler can be folded up into a compact storage size of 2.1 by 6.6 cm including the staple remover, making it a perfect fit for slim spaces like pencil cases and small bags. Further functional design elements include a groove on the top that makes it clear exactly where you are stapling.
  • MIDORI Aluminum Multi Ruler <30cm>

    • 2014 JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.15
    The "Aluminum multi ruler<30cm>" is an excellent, lightweight, durable, foldable ruler made of aluminum. Our long-selling product uses the "multi rule" fold-half feature to also measure angles. When in use, it is 30cm long; when not in use, it can folded me half, and it is possible to stow it in a pocket or pen case. On the scale part, highly precise measurements are possible to use a cutter along the ruler because use of its material. Furthermore, using the starting point of the scale at the end of the ruler, it is also possible to measure length and height in three dimensions, which is why we are particular about the material so as make the best use of the functions. There are two colors, black and silver. This is adult stationary that makes the best use of the material for a pure and solid feeling.
  • MIDORI CL Glue Tape

    • 2013 Good Design Award
    Although extremely compact, only about 5cm x 2cm in size, this single-use product contains a roll of glue tape with a total length of 9m. Based on the concept of using a refill rather than making a refillable glue tape container, the product is the smallest we could possibly make it, easy to carry along, and it fits in your hand just right. The tape width is 4.2mm, which makes it easier to stick detailed parts.
  • MIDORI Aluminium Ruler <15cm>

    • 2013 Good Design Award
    The "aluminum ruler <15cm>" with simple but well-thought design. The bend-resistant, dog leg shape is easy-to-grasp on the desk, and the corrugated top surface makes it easy to hold the ruler with one hand. Strong aluminum material and permanent laser markings that never wear off with use deliver excellent durability. The ruler has a zero point starting from the edge, which is perfect for measuring height and depth. A simple and high-quality design with particular attention to detail.

    • 2013 Good Design Award
    A series of products created as a collaboration of "materials and technology" spanning the world and Japan. The "Santina" notebooks are solid and stylish. Leather paper from the Netherlands is used for the cover, which provides a smooth, nice feel just like high-quality rubber, and it's very durable and colorful. The refill sheets are made of "MD (Midori Diary) paper," the quality writing paper we ourselves developed for maximum ease of writing - the paper is highly resistant to bleeding and ink penetration. Although the cut end surface is usually painted by hand, we processed it with new ink jet printing technology using UV ink. This made it easier to paint the cover and the sides in precisely the same color, which in turn made the design of the notebook look like blocks, rather than just a simple notebook.
  • MIDORI CL Compact Scissors

    • 2012 Good Design Award
    A pair of scissors with sliding blades. You can contain the blades in the handles in a single action. With the blades retracted, the product is around 7cm in length. In use, the blades are about 4cm long - very compact. Yet the scissors are equipped with a stopper which can cut a thick sheet of paper with ease. In addition to being so useful, the scissors feel good in your hand, and the handles prevent slips of the fingers.

    • 2012 Awards for "Stationery of the Year 2012" (Design Division)
    The clips and their cases are made of "paper". The clips themselves are of fiber paper, known to be resistant to abrasion and shocks. Since the paper has a good texture, it is featured in some interior materials as well. The cases are of synthetic resin containing powdered paper. These cases also qualify as "paper products" - they are sturdy, and have a somewhat "gentle" air about them.
  • MIDORI TRAVELER’S notebook

    • 2012 JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.13
    "TRAVELER'S notebook" debuted in March 2006 with the product concept of "a notebook to accompany the user on his/her every day journey through life." Although the notebook has a simple and natural texture, the user can customize it to his/her own taste. Thus, the longer he/she uses it, the notebook "grows with the user" to best suit the way he/she uses it. This special feature has made the notebook a hot seller among men and women of all generations and walks of life.

    • 2011 Good Design Award
    Minimum-size, disposable correction tape cartridges, containing a roll of 4.2m (4.66 feet)-long correction tape. Easy to use, the cartridge fits comfortably in your hand. They are not refillable. Rather, every single cartridge is a refill, which you can use as it is --- this is the design concept. The end result is the size, which is optimized for you to carry along quite easily. Also, the cartridges comfortably “click” every time you draw out the tape.
  • MIDORI Memorandum Card

    • 2010 Stationery of the Year 2010 Design Category GRAND PRIX
    A businessman jotting down something on the back of a receipt ? he gave DESIGNPHIL an idea. A notepad small enough to fit within a wallet or card case, something many people usually carry along, would be very handy. The end result is this Memorandum Card, which easily fits inside your card case. Only 1.6mm in thickness (almost twice that of a bank card) and 6g in weight (almost the same as a bank card), this is the ultimate thin, light notepad. We hope you will find it helpful whenever the need arises for you to jot something down. You can carry it with you always, inside your wallet or name card case. The pages inside Memorandum Card are made of translucent typewriting paper, which lets you write fluidly, and does not easily allow ink from a fountain pen to penetrate. The Card holds 31 pages, so that every single page can help you for a full month if you use a single page everyday. The trendy covers are of specially-made paper. And they are press-coated to repel water.

    • 2010 Good Design Award
    When you make a clip out of a paper or a magazine, and when you are doing some craftwork with paper, this is the kind of paper cutter you need. Pile up some sheets of paper, and the cutter cuts the single sheet on the top alone. Moreover, the cutter’s blade section (head) can rotate to let you cut along a curve. Yet another special feature is its shape - grip it like a pen, and you will see its blade contacts the paper at around a right angle. Apart from this blade section, the whole grip is made of fleshy, molded high-transparency ABS resin, which looks like a lump of opaque glass. As a result, the whole cutter has with a comfortable weight and an elegant look. The cutter’s ceramic blade is believed to have eight times more durability than common carbon tool steel. Also, the “head,” made of sintered stainless steel, withstands heavy stress.
  • DESIGNPHIL Exhibition Booth Design and Construction (ISOT2008)

    • 2009 Japan Display Design Association Award for Display Design Silver Award 2009 Nippon Display Federation Award for Display Industry Gold Award 2009
    A pixel is an element of an image. DESIGNPHIL used a group of pixels, as well as its own inspiration, to paint its corporate vision in this display. These pixels represent what the company has learned over the 60 years of its history, as well as the emotions of its people. The resulting image speaks for the new value and culture DESIGNPHIL is trying to create and build in the years to come. Part of the display wall has some products and graphics embedded in it.

    • 2009 100% Design Tokyo Awards 2009
    As a stationery designer and manufacture with more than six decades of history, DESIGNPHIL launched this Design Project in 2009 to create items with a brand-new design and concept extending beyond the framework of stationery. The Project makes the most of all the knowledge, experience, and networks the company has accumulated so far, as well as new materials and technologies. Debuting at a tradeshow named “100% Design Tokyo,” the products from the Project won big applause. Among them, “Glass Ruler” and “Setomono Desktop” won the Good Design Award 2009.

    • 2009 Good Design Award
    A glass ruler that marries the elegant simplicity of functionality with a sense of weight and beauty. The glass is heated to about 720°C then cooled to add strength and durability. This makes the ruler resistant to scratches and ideal for use with cutting edges. The ruler weighs just the right amount to be held with a sense of balance. The demarcations are in both black and white to ensure visibility no matter the color of the surface you are measuring on. With its unprecedented beauty and quality, this is a ruler you will want to be sure to hold on to.

    • 2009 Good Design Award
    A product of collaboration between DESIGNPHIL and “Seto Seikei,” a ceramic producer with a long and glorious history, “Setomono Desktop” is a simple and lovely desktop item. “Setomono,” or Japan's traditional ceramic craftwork, carries its own texture and presence not found in plastics or other materials. It naturally blends well with any type of desk, and the longer you use it, the more attractive it becomes. The unique, heart-warming texture of “setomono” ceramic, something no plastic can imitate, has made this Desktop a product which strikes an excellent balance between functionality and beautiful texture. The silicone rubber behind the bottom is paint-finished, not just a plate of rubber pasted on, so that it does not disturb the atmosphere of the Desktop.
  • MIDORI MD Notebook

    • 2008 Good Design Award
    “MD Notebook” brings out the best of paper quality, so you can really enjoy “handwriting”. Its writing pads are made of “MD paper” (MIDORI diary paper) DESIGNPHIL developed on its own back in the 1960s. In developing this special paper, the company sought the very best in ease and comfort of writing. The resulting paper has the right degree of opaqueness, and the ink of your fountain pen does not bleed on it. Nor does the ink penetrate to the other side of the paper. To make the most of the advantages and quality of this one-of-a-kind paper, MD Notebook is made to a minimalist design with no graphics printed on its covers. There is nothing you can call “unnecessary” about it.
  • DESIGNPHIL Exhibition Booth Design and Construction (ISOT 2007)

    • 2007 Exhibition Division, Annual of Space and Design in Japan 2007
    Three thousand sheets of die-cut MD paper were hung on wire to adorn the walls of our booth. Hundreds of cranes fly toward the moon between stalks of bamboo in the entryway.
  • KNOX KNOX Shredder – 101

    • 2006 Good Design Award
    The KNOX Shredder 101 pursues both functionality as a shredder and form as an interior item. Thanks to the harmony between the top panel made of natural wood and the dust box made of synthetic leather, the KNOX Shredder 101 provides something new that no other shredder has ever achieved. When designing this product, we considered its function as an interior item in a room as well as its usage. To manage information, a shredder should be always beside your desk for disposing of confidential documents daily. Therefore, we decided to use familiar materials and form in product development.
  • MIDORI Object Stationery Swingbird Correction Tape

    • 2006 Good Design Award ISOT 2006 - Stationery of the Year 2006
    The Object Stationery Swingbird Correction Tape is a chick-like correction tape that swings gently on the desk. However you place it without thinking, the self-righting doll always stands up so you can easily pick it up. We designed the Swing Bird to shift stationery in the drawer to center stage. Even when it is not used, it stands out as an object on the desk. We wanted to make stationery visible. Correction tape is often hidden somewhere on a messy desk, but this self-righting doll stands up and announces its presence.
  • DESIGNPHIL Exhibition Booth Design and Construction (ISOT2005)

    • 2005 Exhibition Division, Annual of Space and Design in Japan 2005

    White vertical lines produce a sharp impression. Shading and weaving added to planar paper give the booth a stereoscopic effect.


    • 2005 Typography Almanac 2005
    This is the logo design of NET SERIES, an original internet service of Symphonic Corporation (a group company of Designphil Inc.) consisting of Net Messenger, Net Board, and Net Questionnaire. The convenience, variety, amusement, and freshness of each net service are put together into a swinging pop design. In addition, the letter N is sometimes arranged to be used for Net Messenger. In this case, ◆(rhombus) inside means an envelope. Then, the logo gains a double image, which implicitly indicates N and explicitly indicates a letter being sent.
  • SHALA SHALA’s Original Calendar (Kigoto)

    • 2005 Typography Almanac
    SHALA’s Original Calendar (Kigoto) is a limited edition with just 100 copies. The design employed in that year was Kigoto, which means celebration. Hoping that the calendar will be used at a joyous time, we designed flowers such as lotuses, plumerias, and ginger. The flowers stand out, blooming in dazzling sunlight in a tropical island. We dared to express these flowers with a supple texture of silver foil to make the calendar gently harmonize with seasonal transitions.
  • DESIGNPHIL Exhibition Booth Design and Construction (ISOT2004)

    • 2004 Exhibition Division, Annual of Space and Design in Japan 2004
    The theme is Venus. Based on paper craft released that year, the layout with female curves and the gradation from yellow to orange produce a fantastic impression.
  • SHALA SHALA’s Original Calendar (Kigoto)

    • 2004 the 56th Calendar Exhibition 2004
    SHALA’s Original Calendar (Kigoto) is a limited edition with just 100 copies. The design employed in that year was Kigoto, which means celebration. Hoping that the calendar will be used at a joyous time, we designed flowers such as lotuses, plumerias, and ginger. The flowers stand out, blooming in dazzling sunlight in a tropical island. We dared to express these flowers with a supple texture of silver foil to make the calendar gently harmonize with seasonal transitions.
  • MIDORI Paper Craft Calendar

    • 2004 the 56th Calendar Exhibition 2004
    The Paper Craft Calendar is a handmade calendar designed for people who are interested in handicrafts but who hesitate to make them. Such people will enjoy easily making their own calendar with stickers, without getting their hands dirty. The delicately-finished paper craft stickers are cute and make you smile. Special seasonal features are included in the stickers, so the calendar can provide a sense of the season. Also enclosed are examples of using the stickers, so customers can enjoy handicrafts with more pleasure and ease.
  • MIDORI Handmade Japanese Paper Wall Calendar

    • 2004 the 56th Calendar Exhibition 2004
    The Handmade Japanese Paper Wall Calendar is an interior item to enjoy the passing of the seasons. Calendars are used not only for checking the date, but also for the pleasure of seeing the changing seasons. When we turn over a calendar page, our hearts become excited with expectations for the new month. Your dreamy gaze will alight on the special features of each season expressed with rich hues of silk printing. And your fingers turning over the pages will enjoy the soft texture of handmade Japanese paper finished with a hand-tearing technique. Careful attention is paid to every detail of the Handmade Japanese Paper Wall Calendar.
  • DESIGNPHIL Exhibition Booth Design and Construction (ISOT2003)

    • 2003 Exhibition Division, Annual of Space and Design in Japan 2003
    The display tables in the booth are made of laminated paper. The exterior is intense red, but once the visitor comes inside, a surprising white world opens up.
  • DESIGNPHIL Exhibition Booth Design and Construction (ISOT2002)

    • 2002 Exhibition Division, Annual of Space and Design in Japan 2002
    This booth is based on the theme of Luminous White, presenting an image of a box covered with a transparent curtain. With the aesthetic of a tantalizing glimpse, rainbow-colored lighting was arranged under the display tables.
  • MIDORI Object Stationery Mini Tape Dispenser

    • 2002 Good Design Award
    The Object Stationery Mini Tape Dispenser is a new style of stationery series that integrates both form and function. The Mini Tape is a green soybean-shaped tape cutter in which three rolls of mini tape are contained like beans. With the three rolls of tape wrapped in the form of green soybeans, the entire form has become reasonable and interesting. You can use the different types of tape on the right and left by sliding the cutter. The Mini Tape is characterized not only by its interesting form but also the integration of form and function.
  • MIDORI Letter Opener III

    • 2002 Good Design Award
    The Letter Opener III is a professional version of a winner of the Good Design Award Gold Prize 1994, the Letter Opener II, which can open envelopes without producing trash. It cuts the folds at the ends of envelopes and is also suitable for cutting double-folded paper including wrapping paper. The Letter Opener has attracted many repeat buyers since its first release. The abrasion resistance was improved so that customers can use it for longer and a sophisticated sense was added by using metal along the sides. We focused on the weight and feel when the cutter is held in the hand. Taking advantage of the metal texture, we have produced a simple and modern image with a teardrop shape.
  • MIDORI ‘Clear Clipper’ Clipping Tool

    • 2001 Good Design Award Design Plus Award
    The ‘Clear Clipper’ Clipping Tool combines a short clipper and brand-new clear color clips, “Clear Clips.” Colorful and clear resin clips are used instead of the conventional metal clips. Clips, which sound like formal office supplies, are now something you can use personally with ease. The Clear Clips are also functional: documents can be categorized by use with these different clip colors – red for emergency, clear for unprocessed, and so on. The body is short enough to grip and the design is suitable for women.
  • MIDORI Coffee Break Ruler

    • 2000 Design Plus Award
    The Coffee Break Ruler is an aluminum-based ruler bonded to a piece of wood. The combination of cool aluminum and soft wood produces a fresh image and a sophisticated design. The aluminum ruler base makes the ruler reliable, while the visible surface of wood is soothing. This superb combination is a high-quality ruler.
  • MIDORI CL Mechanical Pencil 250 / Ballpoint Pencil 250

    • 2000 Good Design Award
    The CL Mechanical Pencil 250/Ballpoint Pencil 250 are part of the CL (Color Stationery) series launched in 1995. They were developed based on the concept of simple designs that are not affected by trends, offer excellent cost performance, and come in a wide range, thus setting a new stage for standard stationery. The CL Mechanical Pencil 250/Ballpoint Pencil 250 are characterized by the collaboration between amusing designs and functions based on a “skeleton” design concept.
  • MIDORI Single Sheet Cutter

    • 2000 Good Design Award
    Unlike ordinary cutters, the Single Sheet Cutter can freely cut out figures along curves. Because the cutter head rotates, you can cut out figures without having to turn your wrist, as if you were drawing a picture with a single stroke. This is convenient not only for making cuttings for a scrap-book but also for making paper cut-outs or cutting out cutting sheets. If you fix the cutter head, you can also cut out figures along straight lines. The ceramic cutter blade is durable and refillable for prolonged use. And even though the Single Sheet Cutter has a totally new mechanism, no instructions are needed. This has been a long-time seller as a standard off-the-shelf item since it was launched.
  • MIDORI CL Notebook with Binding Clip

    • 1997 Good Design Award
    Loose-leaf binders are heavy, whereas notebooks, although light and versatile, have few pages. The CL Notebook with Binding Clip solves these two problems. The ring clips, which are easy to remove thanks to an elastic resin, simply grip the top and bottom of loose pages. To prevent loose pages from getting dirty, they are covered with PP cover, which is colorful and stain-resistant. There are six colors for various purposes, and the clips are now available separately. The CL Notebook is a new type of notebook that lets you enjoy the combination of cover and clips.
  • MIDORI CL Pads Binder with Hole Puncher

    • 1996 Good Design Award
    When we researched students’ paper products, we found they had more handouts from their teachers than their own loose pages. So we developed the Pads Binder to bind handouts and loose pages into the one book so that students can flip through the pages. With the two functions, you can punch and bind papers at any time. And as A4 is the standard size for official documents, we also developed an A4 size Punch Ring Holder.
  • MIDORI CL Pads Binder

    • 1995 Good Design Award
    The CL Pads Binder is the result of conducting research on students. We found that many students take only a few loose pages to school, rather than all their notebooks. Our first idea was a light and small binding tool or a page holder for easily carrying a few loose pages. The rings are made of colorful, clear resin, which are suitable for color-coding different subjects, and they can be freely combined with the matching colorful holders. The CL Pads Binder was immediately popular and became a big hit.
  • MIDORI Writeman Stationery Set II / III

    • 1995 Good Design Award Design Plus Award
    The Writeman Stationery Set II, III is a modern version of the first Writeman writing instrument set which was a huge success. Embossing coating, which was used for luxury home electronics at that time, is applied to the whole body to produce a luxury feel. The Writeman Stationery Set II contains black and red ballpoint pens, a mechanical pencil, a marker, a cutter, a correction pen, and a ruler in an efficient and compact manner. The Writeman Stationery Set III is a set of black and red ballpoint pens, a mechanical pencil, a marker, and a ruler. The ruler slides out from the side to be set on the lid. The Writeman Stationery Set II, III won the Design Plus Award at Frankfurt Messe, proving the popularity of its sophisticated design both in and outside of Japan.
  • MIDORI Letter Opener II

    • 2005 Good Design Long-life Design Award 2005
    • 1994 Gold Prize for Good Design Award 1994 Design Plus Award
    The Letter Opener II is an improved version of the Letter Opener, which opens envelopes without producing waste. The cutting mechanism remains the same, but the guide board is now clear so the cut end is easy to see, and the body is rounded so that women can use it easily. Receiving great reviews from G-mark judges for outstanding sharpness and the perfect size for a hand, the Letter Opener II won the Category Prize (now called the Gold Prize). It is very convenient not only for opening envelopes, but also for cutting double-folded paper. It has been a long seller as a standard item for more than ten years.
  • MIDORI Embosser

    • 1993 Good Design Award Design Plus Award iF Design Award
    The Embosser has a snowshoe rabbit motif. This conveys familiarity and sweetness but it is designed with the simplest lines possible so it is not immediately obvious that the motif is a rabbit to prevent it from looking childish. Embossing needs quite a high force, so the lever is designed to be easily pressed by a finger and the body is stable enough to withstand the force from the finger, and also stand firm on the desk.
  • MIDORI Standex Pen Set with Paper Holder

    • 1993 Good Design Award
    The Standex Pen Set with Paper Holder is a pen set that can be attached to the side of a PC screen and used to hold manuscripts. Simply turn the dial to fix it with the suction cup. Unlike adhesive tape, it is easy to mount and remove in a smart way. The Standex Pen Set with Paper Holder can be used not only as a manuscript holder but also as a pen stand on the desk. For surfaces on which the suction cup does not work, you can use the provided suction assisting board. When the Standex Pen Set with Paper Holder was released, office stationery was in fashion, and this product quickly became a hit.
  • MIDORI Standex Tape Dispenser

    • 1992 Good Design Award iF Design Award
    The Standex Tape Dispenser is a tape dispenser for a small roll of tape, using the same system as the suction cup of the Manuscript Holder Pen Set. An ordinary tape dispenser is heavy to keep it in place, but the Standex Tape Dispenser is fixed with a suction cup, and so is very compact and light. The suction system turns round, so it can even be attached to the side of equipment or desks, thus freeing up desk space. For even greater perfection, we paid special attention to the feeling for users when turning the dial, and even the lock and click when the suction system is turned 90 degrees.
  • MIDORI Standex Eraser

    • 1992 Good Design Award
    The Standex Eraser is a manual revolving eraser with a subcatch that works when pushed. Electric erasers for drawing used to be common, but we wanted to create an eraser that is small and requires no battery changing. The eraser part of the Standex Eraser revolves only when the body is lightly pressed down, so you can easily erase a letter only by moving it up and down a few times. Consequently, it is very convenient for erasing marks on machine-readable forms. Of course, you can also use it to erase a wide area. The holder is not disposable, because the eraser is a screw-feed type and refillable.
  • MIDORI Writeman Stationery Set AX

    • 1991 Design Plus Award
    • 1990 Good Design Award
    The Writeman Stationery Set AX is a luxury version of the former Writeman. Contrary to the Imprex Pen Set (L), this pen set consists of an original case and existing writing instruments. Items include: an aqueous ballpoint pen that can be refilled and assembled according to usage; a mechanical pencil with a screw-feed type eraser; and an oil-based two-color ballpoint pen that switches when the body is twisted. We designed the case only with straight lines and linear curves to clearly differentiate it from the Imprex Pen Set (L). The Writeman Stationery Set AX has an elegant and precision feel, with the same high quality as the Imprex Pen Set. Another basic function is that the Writeman Stationery Set AX can be operated by one hand and is designed for simplicity of use. This high-end stationery set offers both functionality and originality; the two necessary items can be carried in a case-within-a-case, and the body becomes a pen stand.
  • MIDORI Standex Letter Opener

    • 1990 Good Design Award
    Wondering if we could open an envelope with something like a paperknife, we produced a waste-free envelope opener, the Standex Letter Opener, which has a totally new mechanism. We hit on the idea of cutting an envelope by leading the envelope along a guide board towards a cutter blade. At first we weren’t sure whether it was feasible, but a handmade prototype demonstrated that it worked and after some trial manufacturing, we reached a high degree of perfection. The cutter blade can be refilled, and jammed paper can be removed with the spatula on the cutter. The Standex Letter Opener has a unique design that’s special!
  • MIDORI Imprex Pen Set (L)

    • 1990 Design Plus Award
    • 1989 Good Design Award
    The Imprex Pen Set (L) contains a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil, and is an improved design to boost sales of the Imprex Pen Case. While using the case of the Imprex Pen Case, we newly developed value added writing instruments with sophisticated design, targeting overseas markets as well. The ideal shape was created with a good balance and size suitable for easy writing, fine details in an elegant profile, and high quality with a fun sense. In addition, a suede-like coating was applied to the surface and the inside of the case. The stationery set in the case creates a futuristic and Japanese serene atmosphere. The Imprex Pen Set (L) received favorable reviews as a design that is a pleasure to have, and was introduced in many international magazines.
  • DESIGNPHIL Hasami Design

    • 1989 KAI Design Competition1989
    The Hasami Design was entered in the KAI World Scissors Design Competition presented in World Design Expo ’89, and two items received awards. As a future type of desktop scissors, designs with a saber motif (A) and a planet/a space ship motif (B) were suggested. We developed the Hasami Design focusing on its functions: a double-edged structure that can be used as a letter opener (A); a palm-size adjusting mechanism (A); a guard structure to protect fingers from being cut by paper edges (B); and a usability mechanism that is operated only by pressing (B). This product heralded the modern era of object-style stationery.
  • MIDORI Imprex Pen Case

    • 1988 Good Design Award
    In the late 80s, designs making heavy use of quadratic and cubic curves (especially for cars) prevailed. The Imprex Pen Case followed the trend. At that time, most pen cases were made from synthetic leather or plastic that did not look expensive, or were merely boringly shaped tin cases. On the contrary, the Imprex Pen Case is made of high-gloss plastic and flowing lines create a sense of speed. Various original yet simple designs are used: a function for satisfyingly storing writing instruments and an eraser for daily use; a design using an illusion to make the body look smart; a flat-opening body; a lock opened with a single-touch button like a cosmetic case; and a cool combination of materials in matte black and smoke brown.
  • MIDORI Sency Day To Plan Diary

    • 1987 Good Design Award
    The Sency Day To Plan Diary is a stationery set that pursues maximum convenience and portability of stationery for personal use based on a mini 6-hole personal day planner. A day planner, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, memo pad, card case, clips, and templates are systematically arranged in a paperback-sized case. The pen case even changes into a pen stand. With many interesting functions, the fine design and matte materials nevertheless give an impression of a precision instrument. Stationery sets were all the rage in the 1980s and designers had a field day with various designs. One of those was the Sency Day To Plan Diary.
  • MIDORI Table Top Cleaner Suitorukun

    • 1986 Good Design Award
    The Table Top Cleaner Suitorukun is a small mascot-type desk cleaner, which provides strong suction power. The cute mascot powerfully removes everything from bits of eraser to bread crumbs. There are three types: a pig, an octopus, and a vacuum cleaner, and they even appeared in a popular quiz program on TV!
  • MIDORI Scissors & Knife in One (S)

    • 1984 Good Design Award
    The Scissors & Knife in One is scissors with a paperknife function. The back of the scissor blade is also a paperknife, so it can be used as both scissors and a paperknife. When it was released, it received good reviews in the media and by customers as a convenient pair of scissors.