Designphil Inc.

Overseas Business


We began exporting overseas in the 1970s, and have since worked with our local partners to gradually entrench the MIDORI brand in overseas markets. We have now expanded the MIDORI and TRAVELER’S COMPANY brands to around 30 countries and areas in all over the world. Our local distributors have used their thorough knowledge of the country or region to open up markets for the two brands. What we produce goes beyond products – we produce a new lifestyle and culture. So we aim to go beyond selling things and create places for people to experience this new lifestyle all over the world. Our vision for the future is for people who identify with our brand’s world view to be able to come together and grow into a world-scale community.

Wholesale Information

Countries and Regions for Expansion (As of November 2019)

  • Asia

    Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

  • Oceania

    Australia, New Zealand

  • North America

    United States of America, Canada

  • Central and South America

    Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico

  • Europe

    Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

  • The Middle East

    Israel, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates

  • Africa

    South Africa