Designphil Inc.

The Meaning Behind the Logo


Designphil is a portmanteau of “design” and “philharmony.” “Philharmony” is used in the naming of orchestras and means “to love harmony.” The company’s name derives from our staff’s mission of harmonizing different design businesses and continually creating and suggesting new values.
The “P” of Designphil means Person, Perfor-mance, and Passion, and each of them is linked to the “D” of Design. The integrated “P” and “D” in an arc symbolize “Connection, Expansion, and Resonance.” The simple, smart, and stylish font emphasizes intelligence and a spirit of innova-tion, and the comfortably wide inter-character space emphasizes reliability and presence.

Image color

  • DESIGNPHIL Blue Gray
  • DESIGNPHIL Metalic Gray

The blue gray color portrays an image of intelligence, formality, elegance, and sophistication. The color easily harmonizes with different colors and is consistent with the corporate name, Designphil. Gray includes all hues, and thus serves to include various design businesses.