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This inquiry page is especially for the international customers of Designphil Inc.,
(including the brands MIDORI and TRAVELER’S COMPANY).


  • Can I buy TRAVELER’S COMPANY and MIDORI products from the Designphil’s online shop, even if I am overseas?

    Unfortunately, we are currently only able to offer domestic shipping for products purchased on our online shop. We apologize for the inconvenience, and kindly ask you to purchase our products directly from the nearest retailer in your country.

    MIDORI: Please check the availability from the following shop list page.
    MIDORI Shops page

    *As for MD PAPER PRODCUTS, please check the availability from the following shop list.
    Asia    Europe    North America    Oceania

    TRAVELER’S COMPANY: Please check the availability from the following shop list.
    Japan    Asia    Europe    North America    Latin America    Oceania

  • Where can I buy PLOTTER, KNOX, and TOUCH & FLOW products?

    Regrettably, at present these brands are, in principle, on sale in Japan only. We will immediately notify customers via our official website when these brands go on sale overseas.

  • I’ll be traveling to Japan soon, so I’d like to know where I can buy MIDORI products while I’m there.

    You can find MIDORI retailers throughout Japan; and particularly in Tokyo and Kyoto, where there are many foreign tourists, there is a wide selection of MIDORI retailers.
    Click here for MIDORI retailers in Tokyo
    Click here for MIDORI retailers in Kyoto

    Please make an inquiry using the following form if you would like information about the areas and stores where you can buy MIDORI products, other than those listed above.
    Please inquire directly with the store about if they stock any particular item you are interested in.

  • Where can I buy a TRAVELER’S notebook?

    Please check where you can buy it from the following shop list.

    Japan    Asia    Europe    North America    Latin America    Oceania

  • Where can I buy TRAVELER’S FACTORY limited edition items?

    Basically, these items are only available at the following shops.
    TRAVELER’S FACTORY retail stores
    TRAVELER’S FACTORY online shop   ※International shipping is not available at the online shop.

    Currently, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA online shop and TRAVELER’S COMPANY PARTNER SHOP carry part of the limited edition items.

  • Is there any difference between the TRAVELER’S notebook of TRAVELER’S COMPANY brand, and the TRAVELER’S notebook of MIDORI brand?

    We launched the TRAVELER’S notebook in 2006 as one of the series of the MIDORI brand. All the products in the TRAVELER’S COMPANY brand share the theme of traveling that takes place in one’s daily life. In order to pursue and enrich this theme, we changed the brand name from “MIDORI” to “TRAVELER’S COMPANY” in 2015. Since becoming an independent brand, TRAVELER’S COMPANY has continued to propose a journey into a new world where one can express themselves freely through its notebooks and other stationery items.


  • The leather cover of the TRAVELER’S notebook has some small but visible scuffs and marks on it; is this normal?

    TRAVELER’S notebook consists of a cut cow leather tanned using vegetable tannin and a tin-made part attached on a rubber band. It is hard to process a leather tanned by vegetable tannin for it shows the wrinkles and scratch marks easily. However, it is environment friendly, and has an authentic attractiveness where it beautifully changes over time. The leather used for the TRAVELER’S notebook has oil seeped inside, and by doing so, it makes the finish soft. We wanted to make full use of the natural feeling, so we did not process it excessively. So please be noted that there might be some small scratches and wrinkles on the cover. The longer you use it, the more the color deepens. And by this deepening, the scratches would be hard to spot.


  • Can you tell me how to use the connecting rubber band for setting refills to the TRAVELER’S notebook?

    Please refer to the detailed instructions listed on our official website.


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