Press Release
September 24th, 2015
Designphil Inc.

The First Caravan Event in Europe by TRAVELER'S COMPANY!


November 7-8, 2015 "MISCELLANEOUS" (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
November 10-11, 2015 "ACE HOTEL London Shoreditch" (London, United Kingdom)
November 13-14, 2015 "LUIBAN" (Berlin, Germany)


October 24-November 24, 2015 at "MISCELLANEOUS" and "LUIBAN"
Designphil Inc. - headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo and led by president (CEO) Ichiro Aida - will be hosting an event in Europe, which will feature the product brand "TRAVELER'S COMPANY." This will be the very first event held in Europe, and "TRAVELER'S COMPANY" will go on a caravan starting from "MISCELLANEOUS" in Amsterdam, then proceeding to "ACE HOTEL London Shoreditch" in London, and finally stopping by at "LUIBAN" in Berlin. Prior to this caravan event, the pop-up store of TRAVELER'S FACTORY will appear in "MISCELLANEOUS" and "LUIBAN" from October 24 to November 24.

TRAVELER'S COMPANY releases products where the central theme is to "travel through one's daily lives." Based on this theme, products such as the TRAVELER'S Notebook, Brass Products, Spiral Ring Notebook, and other products are being made. Starting from this year, we will change the brand name from "MIDORI" to "TRAVELER'S COMPANY" in order to pursue the theme at a deeper level and to propose a travel that expresses one's lifestyle freely through a single notebook.

This event, titled as "TRAVELER'S COMPANY CARAVAN in EUROPE" will have the staffs from TRAVELER'S COMPANY traveling through the three stores like a caravan. This event was held in Japan several times in the past, and through the event, both the staffs and fans of TRAVELER'S notebook were able to interact with one another. This time, the staffs will go through Amsterdam, London, and Berlin.

Ever since TRAVELER'S notebook came into being in 2006, the number of fans showed an increase both in Japan and around the world. Given this movement, there are privately owned shops that share and spread the values the producers of TRAVELER'S notebook possess. "MISCELLANEOUS" in Amsterdam and "LUIBAN" in Berlin are just one of those shops. This event was made possible through the help of these stores.

In London, the event will be held at "ACE HOTEL London Shoreditch." ACE HOTEL is one of those hotels that stress the theme of "do it yourself." This creative and unique hotel is gaining focus for redefining what a hotel can do. Ever since the hotel opened in London, it has gained its reputation as a cultural base.

During the event, products from TRAVELER'S FACTORY will be sold, and customizing corner will be placed. Also, the Spiral Ring Notebook event will be hosted as well. This will allow people to make their one and only notebook.
The producers and designer from TRAVELER'S COMPANY will by flying to Europe to exchange information with other notebook users.
The first caravan event in Europe!
Finally, prior to starting the event, from October 24 to November 24, a pop up store of TRAVELER'S FACTORY will appear in "MISCELLANEOUS" and "LUIBAN." The items that are popular in the shops in Tokyo and Narita Airport will be sold during this period.

For more details and updates of the event, please see the official website (
Day and Location
<Amsterdam, Netherlands>
November 7 to November 8: MISCELLANEOUS
<London, United Kingdom>
November 10 to November 11: ACE HOTEL London Shoreditch
<Berlin, Germany>
November 13 to November 14: LUIBAN

  • Items that sold only in TRAVELER'S FACTORY will be available for purchase
  • A customizing corner where original stamps and stickers are placed will be available as well. The producers, designer, and the PR staffs from TRAVELER'S COMPANY will give advice on how to customize one's notebook
  • Spiral Ring Notebook Event - This is an event where one can make their original notebook. The cover has a logo of the event being pressed, and between the cover, people can choose their favorite paper that goes inside. After that, the craftsman will bind the notebook right in front of the customer.
Date and Place
October 24 to November 24, 2015
<Amsterdam, Netherlands> "MISCELLANEOUS"
<Berlin, Germany> "LUIBAN"

  • Selling original items from TRAVELER'S FACTORY
*For details regarding the event and the pop up store, please visit the official website (
TRAVELER'S Notebook was released in March 2006 with the central theme of "traveling through one's daily life." The simple design and texture makes customizing easy, and the more one uses this notebook, the more it acquires taste. This reflects the characteristics of each of the notebook users, and this is one of those aspects that have gained support. There is a flagship store in Nakameguro, Tokyo called "TRAVELER'S FACTORY," and in July 2014, the second store opened in Narita Airport. The store in Narita Airport has customers from various countries visiting.