Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection

Designphil Inc. (hereinafter, "the Company") takes the protection of customers' privacy and personal data very seriously. Most services on the Company's website can be used without providing personal data, but please note that some services require personal data to be provided.
The Company's policy for personal data protection on the website is as follows:

  1.  The Company uses customers' personal data for the following purposes only, and not for any other purposes:
    • To respond to customers’ requests with the Company’s products and services.
    • To provide information on products, updates, and new services via E-mail newsletters.
    • To provide recruitment information of the Company and its affiliates.

  2.  We ask customers to provide their personal data in the following cases:
    • Registration for membership services
    • Application for prize competitions and other events
    • Delivering prizes to competition winners
    • Making orders on the Company's website
    • Downloading free software

  3. Personal data security
    The Company takes strict security measures to prevent information loss, unauthorized access, and destruction of customers' personal data.

  4.  Disclosure to third parties
    The Company will not disclose or provide the personal data provided by customers to any third party, other than in the following exceptional circumstances:
    • When it is agreed by the customer
    • When payment is needed for ordered products (e.g. payment by credit card)
    • When customers' personal names cannot be identified

  5.  Regulatory compliance
    In compliance with Japanese laws and regulations regarding personal data protection, the Company strives to review and improve the Company's policy and management system concerning personal data protection.
July 7, 2007
President, Ichiro Aida
Designphil Inc.
The Company will revise the personal data protection policy for improved protection of personal data.
Details of revisions will be placed here.