Press Release
November 10, 2016

The Second Collaboration between ACE HOTEL and TRAVELER'S COMPANY™!


- First Spiral Ring Notebook Event in America -
Date : Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4, 2016
Designphil Inc.'s - headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo and led by president (CEO) Ichiro Aida - product brand TRAVELER'S COMPANY™ will be having a second collaboration with "ACE HOTEL." This TRAVELER'S COMPANY™ CARAVAN at ACE HOTEL NEW YORK will be held on Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4, 2016 in "ACE HOTEL NEW YORK" (New York, United States).

"ACE HOTEL" is an attractive hotel that uses a historical building and fills it with staffs that serve with a high hospitality. Through the staffs, one may be able to gather a unique information about the place they are staying. The building allows people to feel the culture of that city, and is renovated to serve its purpose as a hotel. The hotel's release of its unique sense, the well edited high culture, and the friendly atmosphere is well balanced, and is supported by culturally inquisitive creative people and travelers around the world.

Last year on November, the first collaboration was held in "ACE HOTEL London Shoreditch." As part of the first collaboration, TRAVELER'S notebook™ (brown) with the logo of "ACE HOTEL" pressed, "Brass Ballpoint Pen" with "ACE HOTEL" printed, and "Brass Clip" with the alphabets A, C, and E designed was released. Along with that, the first "Spiral Ring Notebook" was held in Europe.

And this time on December 2016, after the event in London, the collaboration with "ACE HOTEL NEW YORK" has been finalized. The TRAVELER'S COMPANY™ CARAVAN at ACE HOTEL NEW YORK will be held.
To go along with this event, a new original black color TRAVELER'S notebook™ will be prepared along with stickers with designs of "ACE HOTEL" located in various parts of the world.
Also, a notebook refill designed by Michael Pellew (Land Gallery) will be released. Michael Pellew is an illustrator that has a deep tie with "ACE HOTEL", and this time, a drawing with a pop touch of musicians, actors, and other people walking in New York will be printed on the refill. The illustration portrays the friendly feeling of "ACE HOTEL" and the bright and sophisticated mood of New York.
These collaboration items will be released on December 3 and 4 in the event venue of "ACE HOTEL NEW YORK". It will then be sold in other shops of "ACE HOTEL".
In the event venue, the "Spiral Ring Notebook Event" will be held in America for the first time. This will allow people to choose their favorite paper out of the many prepared in the lobby of "ACE HOTEL NEW YORK", which is becoming a cultural hub of New York. Also, popular items from TRAVELER'S FACTORY™ will be sold as well.

Not only New Yorkers sensitive to art and culture, travelers who want to enjoy Christmas in New York can enjoy this creative space.

In Japan, the "ACE HOTEL" items are also planned to be sold in "TRAVELER'S FACTORY™ NAKAMEGURO", "TRAVELER'S FACTORY™ AIRPORT", and "TRAVELER'S FACTORY™ ONLINE SHOP" on December 15.
For more details, please visit the official website of TRAVELER'S COMPANY™.
[ Product Outline ]
TRAVELER'S notebook™ ACE HOTEL Collaboration Model
A leather cover with the logo of ACE pressed on the back, and a grid printed kraft paper refill is set together. This time, a black color with a charcoal gray color rubber band will be newly released.

"Original Sticker Set" ACE HOTEL Collaboration Model
This is a sticker with icons of ACE HOTEL located in various parts of the world being applied.
*First of collaboration model
TRAVELER'S Notebook™ ACE HOTEL Collaboration Model
This is a collaborated version of the TRAVELER'S Notebook™ with the logo of ACE HOTEL pressed on the cover. An original refill made of kraft papers with grid lines printed will be set inside along with an olive green bag for storing and carrying the notebook.

Brass Ballpoint Pen ACE HOTEL Collaboration Model
The ACE HOTEL logo is printed on a matte black body of the pen. This "Brass Ballpoint Pen" is easy to carry, and will serve as a great partner when traveling.

Brass Clip ACE HOTEL Collaboration Model
The letters A, C, and E are designed. Please use this as an index or a bookmark.
TRAVELER'S notebook™ Refill Michael Pellew Collaboration Model
Michael Pellew from Land Gallery, who has deep ties with ACE HOTEL created an illustration for this collaboration. The illustration is printed on the refill, and shows various New Yorkers lining in a pop and free touch. This just seems to resemble the feeling of New York.
Michael J. Pellew Jr.
Michael Pellew's unique and affable drawings and sculptures are pop- ruminations full of humor and simplicity. Michael's playful line quality and imaginative cultural observations are simple and amazingly succinct. With one pass of his hand he can depict joy, humor and clever character. His subject matter consists of NYC trains and buses, fashion design "punk funk freaks from the East Village and around the Tri-State area," and pop portraits of favorite singers and performers. His characters encapsulate a direct sense of style and spontaneity and are celebrated by many collectors. Michael's cards have been carried by Opening Ceremony in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Other corporate collections include Citi Bank, JCrew and PAPER Magazine.
Date : Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4, 2016 11:00 - 18:00
< About TRAVELER'S notebook™ >
TRAVELER'S Notebook™ was released in March 2006 with the central theme of "traveling through one's daily life." The simple design and texture makes customizing easy, and the more one uses this notebook, the more it acquires taste. This reflects the characteristics of each of the notebook users, and this is one of those aspects that have gained support. There is a flagship store in Nakameguro, Tokyo called TRAVELER'S FACTORY™, and in July 2014, the second store opened in Narita Airport. The store in Narita Airport has customers from various countries visiting.
*"TRAVELER'S COMPANY", "TRAVELER'S notebook" and "TRAVELER'S FACTORY" is a trademark of Designphil Inc.