Press Release
September 21, 2016

Petit Gift Market Renamed and Relaunched

"Chotto" - The little things that make something special
Official website launched

Website launch: Wednesday September 21, 2016
Designphil Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Ichiro Aida) is a design company that facilitates communication through design, accentuates the fun side of life and offers new lifestyle solutions.
Part of Designphil's "MIDORI" product brand, "Petit Gift Market" is a popular range aimed at providing ideas to brighten up everyday life through hand-made items. It has now been relaunched under the new name "Chotto" and will be accompanied by an official "Chotto" website, launching on Wednesday September 21, 2016.
The new site will provide a whole host of ideas and examples of ways to combine ranges such as "Origami Origami" with wrapping items, via images, movies and social networking services.

"Chotto," the name of the new range, is a Japanese word with lots of meanings. It can mean "little" or "slight," "casually" or "simply." Whether wrapping a little gift or present, throwing a casual party at home, or having a small celebration to mark a special day, visitors to the website will be able to access ideas for little things that make something special and show how they feel, using "Chotto" products.
In addition to a wide range of origami paper, wrapping items and other such products, the site will feature extensive content offering hints and techniques for wrapping and table coordination. These include "Origami Patchwork" combinations and patterns made by sticking together "Origami Origami" paper with different patterns, a section offering tips called "Origami Patchwork -Let's contrive a gift-wrapping-," "Chotto Movie video" showing different ways of using "Chotto" products, and a section outlining items for wrapping and presentation called "Various ideas."
Official "Chotto" accounts on Instagram (*) and Pinterest meanwhile will feature the best wrapping and presentation ideas submitted by users, as well as providing examples of different situations in which products can be used.
(*)Instagram is a trademark of Instagram, LLC, both inside and outside the USA

"Chotto" - The little things that make something special
Official website launched

This section will feature the full "Chotto" range of basic items for wrapping, including paper and bags, as well as accessories to add color and style, including stickers, strings and tags.
This section will feature items for wrapping and presentation.
"Origami Patchwork." Let's contrive a gift-wrapping
"Origami Patchwork" designs are made by sticking together paper from the "Origami Origami" range, which comes in four different types of paper and a wide range of patterns. This section will feature instructions and examples of patterns using different combinations to suit different tastes, ranging from bright, colorful combinations to more subtle examples. By varying the number of sheets stuck together, these can be used to wrap all sorts of items, large or small.
"Chotto" Movie video
"Chotto" Movie video showing how to use "Chotto" items and make your original gift-wrapping.
This section will feature movies showing different arrangements using "Chotto" products that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.
Various ideas
This section will feature ideas for wrapping and presenting items using "Chotto" products and instructions for how to make them, including how to make picks, wrap an umbrella or decorate a Christmas tree.

Wrapping an umbrella

Shirt-style wrapping


Ideas for Christmas
using see-through paper

Items for entertaining over the New Year

This section will feature ideas for wrapping and presentation via the official "Chotto" accounts on Instagram and Pinterest

OFFICIAL "Instagram"
The official "Chotto" Instagram account will feature the best items made and submitted by users, as well as ideas for wrapping and presentation using "Chotto" products,


OFFICIAL "Pinterest"
The official "Chotto" Pinterest account will be pinned with the best photos of items made using "Chotto" products.

This section will feature the latest news relating to "Chotto," including event announcements and reports, and details of new products.

Instagram and Pinterest will be constantly updated with the very best items that users have submitted and shared, including a whole host of ideas from "HOW TO MAKE," so that you can discover more and more fun ways of using "Chotto" products.